Eftersom vi söker efter konstnärer, forskare och lärare som vill vara i residens hos oss både i Sverige och utomlands så är denna texten på engelska.

What is the quality of the sensuous? How can it be explored? How can we explore and develop new modes of sensuous teaching and learning? Can we thereby transform the educational system from within? How do we collect data on and evaluate the effect, at not at least the affect of a performance-experiment, and what is the actual transformative impact? How can we give the sensuous an image in flesh and blood? When does this image get an impact? And for whom?

As part of The Boarding School we offer artists, teachers and researchers the possibility to participate in the piece by being in residence. Those in residence gets the opportunity to explore their usual work in an unusual setting. A teacher might try to hold classes based on the principles of The Boarding School, an aritst will see what happens to their artistic exploration in a sensuous universe, a researcher might discover new aspects of their theories by presenting them at a sensuous boarding school.

We are currently accepting applications – see links below for more specific information about the application process and what we can offer.


Calls for participation:



Visiting: Teachers, researchers, artists.