The unseen diplomat



We don’t know when she was born, but through handmade gesture is she able to make power structers in the room – visible and negotiatble. Silence is her voice. You can reach her inner voice through deep concentration. It is placed deep in her stomach – it sounds like something in between a lion and a tiger. She wears a lion costume. It’s her perception of the world – her gaze are able to grasp every single detail, like an owl. Like a dry humoristic poet not interested in solving a conflict, she questions our gaze on how we look at when and where politics are actually taking place. The unseen diplomat prefer to communicate through touch and tactility. She is a carrier. The poetic self do yoga, she is pansexual and dosen’t understand the shame around masturbation. She appreaciate slap-stick comedy and as an old professor recently told her – she is rather hanging out with cats.