A new beginning has arrived

So, I am sitting here with a new book at my hand. Wondering why this book is still needed and can I openly receive the ideas within it?
Will it change my life forever?
Or will it pass like a wind?

Can I then meet you in a room and communicate anything of matter in the now to affect the way you see the world for a few minutes?
Is this now the tool missing or is this here a new beginning ?

Lets meditate on that for a minute..

(A small movement score for the brave one)
Now, I encourage you to make a fist with one of your hands.
Hold it tight and count to 60.
Then Slowly, slowly, as slow as you can you allow the hand to open.
In its own slow pace
Look at it with curiosity, as is you’ve never seen your hand do this before.
Because you have not.