A coarse kind of love

I am sceptical of the school system in a profound way. And it’s not just that it is a breeding ground for mobbing combined with adults inadequacy seeing it or dealing with it. It’s also because the principle of the system is viewing knowledge as something gained by repeating what others said before that is inherently conservative. To deal with this built-in problem the pupils must learn to question what…


I am working on my research and expriments into the Practice Room… how do I begin to show processes and experiences that happen in a space that is made for one to be alone ? a room that has physical dimensions but also functions as a mental space of solitude, concentration and experimentation. Can these factors that make up a practice room, important for musicians when they use it, also…

The luxuary of beeing a 24 hour student

It is now 10 days since I left my 24 hour visit as a student in the Boarding School, Sisters Academy. I have returned at a seminar by professor Göran Krantz EDUCATION BY THE SENSES
 Cognitive knowledge and sensible learning beyond the dichotomy of body and mind, this Sunday the 6th. And in next, the last week, I will be a visiting artist, researcher and teacher for 48 hours. During…


Like another world, like my world or my lost family that I have misted so mutch… my body opens op and my soul become clear and strong. Like finding back to myself after all those years…. Thank´s for creating this space where this kind of meetings is possibel.. I miss you alot and looking forward to see you soon again… Best . Her spirit


Digging in the sand under stones. Layers of earth, layers of Words. Cascades and fire charged with rage. The unprocessed has awakened. The hidden, the past. Here is the end of discharge. The deep repository secret. Connection. Engage. Create the new. The vision of a new civilization. The sustainable. Everything that will be kept alive. Energy, synergy. Together.

The Melancholic Bon Vivant

also goes by the name Next Wave. Perhaps she will be Den Melankolske Livsnyder. After her stay at the Academy she still has an eternal attraction to the maritime. She enjoyed the dissolving of time and passed on the intriguing objects-in-space game, – hoping that it will stay on the curriculum of the Academy (Air and The Untamed knows it). If a blindfolded guided tour of the Academy should be…

Writing (g)Host

Dear sisters, As I start typing I also start counting and as I already pause my writing in order to count there are twenty-seven words and I think of what to make of this number and if these twenty-seven, now forty-four, words could have been used in a better way and now I have already used sixty words and thereby reduced the amount of words before reaching the given limit…

The Melancholic Bon Vivant

– with an eternal attraction to the maritime. Her hands in the lukewarm water, caress the scalp and the wet hair of the person whose hair she is cleansing. Gazing out over the sea, – conchs and pirates, by-gone monsoons fill her soul with sweet sadness.

Utopian spaces

The Utopian Space is not a clear image of the perfect world. It can be just the thought that other ways of living in this world is possible. It can be an idea with one foot in everday-life-reality and one foot in the reality of the dream. It’s the space in-between. The gaps between reality as we know it and the fixed dream. You can move within them but you…

Bodyhouse conversations

Without words by making an image. Stitching time, fusing our bodies to a specific environment. In Malmö we will share in a stitching conversations in the Boarding school. Our poetic self is a joint body, we are a translator to words.