Author: Student, Sisters Academy #3, The Takover at Nova Academy, Simrishamn, Sweden


To all of you who doesn’t feel ready for tomorrow, fully loaded with energy or an open mind. Neither do I. I wish I could say I did. I want to get the most out of this experience. Maybe it’s just todays tierdness I’m feeling. Hopefully the wonderful persons I will meet tomorrow will fill me up with energy. Who knows what to expect? It’s okay to feel nervous. I…

The tree

I am a tree. I feel roots sprawling out of my hands, feet and head going deep down to the earth. In the shape of energi. Warm, kind and calm. I’m grounded. Heavy and safe. Thick from the long life I’ve lived. A life full of bad storms. If you ask me i might tell you more or not. There’s a fire burning inside me. I’ts always been there burning…


My first question is why? I’m that kind of person who dosen’t belive in this kind of poetic stuff and to find yourself in that way. To me this is  strange and to be compleatly honest i don’t like what is going to happen on our school. I get that it’s a part of your examination and I just want to know why you chose our school.


Vilka regler kommer gälla när Sisters Academy kommer till Nova?

The wonderful word

Hello! So much capitalism. xoxo, The anti-capitalism motherf**ker