The Wonderer’s intital ideas on her classes

“You are not lost. Wherever you are is called here, and you must treat it as a powerful stranger.”

The Wonderer is fascinated by the ways senses are activated when we all of a sudden find ourselves in an unknown environment and give into the sensation of being lost without fear. Leading a nomadic life she longs for moments in which she can with a childlike curiosity connect with her surrounds and create new paths, where there were none, to find home. On her journeys she is creating mysterious maps of the imagination – marking the doors of perception through which the seemingly ordinary becomes magical.

There is no reality except the one contained within us. We each move in our own universe, a world shaped by our accumulated personal experiences, as well as our emotional and semi-conscious states.  This selective pattern we perceive the world through is what each of us calls “reality”.

The class I long to bring to live is one in which we dive into this world of ours – right here, inseparable, wild, surprising, constantly changing and beautiful in each raw moment. A class in which we co-create rituals that may assist us to connect to daily moments of presence – within the shared experience at the Sisters Academy as well as in the life we each lead. To allow our togetherness to create a space in which we can open our view to let “reality” present itself to us in new shapes.

In the development of the classes I am inspired to discover and dance on the fine line between fiction and fake. I am curious to explore how far we can turn up the volume on the sensuous experience – to learn how to stage and actively create such moments in which what we perceive as ”other-ness” in matter, land, people – transforms into a new feeling of inter-being and inter-connection. Within this process I feel the need to stay aware of the tipping point in which the desire to enchant, might also create the opposite, a repulsive reaction to a world without known definitions.

What are your conditions for an intimate connection with life? How may we amplify the attention we give to detail on our daily journeys? How can we help each other understand and draw out or personal geographies and inner spaces – to unfold our full living experience?