The Quivering Island

In the misty fogs of your time,
the vacuum- ocean, exhales.
And in slow motion,
unveils one of it’s many secrets:
The Island.
The Island.
The Island stops and flows
Light comes and goes

This is the island of Dust and Mirrors.
moved by your touch and of it’s quiver
Island stop and flows
Light comes and goes

But be aware of the Islands mystics
it’s heart is mirror facing your statistics
Don’t turn around and do not fear drowning
you are safe as sound, the crystals are glowing!
the water is hot but the weather is not.
Thus storms can not peel off our skin
the island keeps the storm within!!!
Storm won’t not brake out, unless you brake through
The island is the rest of you:
what remains of beauty when all lights are off
no reflection can reach the shore.
we love
we love
your light
shine shine shine
so her engine won’t decline.
(by the way, she speaks in Rhymes as a side-effect of swallowing a broken hour glass on time)