The Playmate

I am The Playmate. I am a kind of clown. The kind that want to remind us of the child within. The clown is stumbling, maybe falling – but always rising again. Wanting to create space for Serious Play, celebrating curiosity, all feelings allowed. In the playground I want to create, there is no place for competition. It is a space, a laboratory, where questions with no answers are encouraged.

A person The Playmate is curious of, is a brave woman named Hannah Arendt living between 1906 and 1975. She grew up in Europe where she had become a philosopher and fled from Hitler and Nazism to U.S.A., where she became a famous writer. She was not politically correct. She provoked many people though she, as a Jewish woman, questioned that Nazis were monsters and suggested that each and every one of us could develop evil. She spoke of vita activa, which was her way of describing that people need to act. Being active, in order to become persons. Vita activa means to communicate, to take part in society, to think critically to use your freedom.

The Playmate wishes to explore what Hannah Arendts thinking can say to us today. The Playmate invites you to Play.