Seeking Eternal Light Years

What is the correspondence between time and light? How do the two connect? And is light love – or just photons? Can time be stopped? If you wonder about those questions, you may want to meet the Angel of Light and Professor Time. From their opposite directions they both seek the truth. Even though one person’s truth may be the other’s delusion. Or vice versa. You will likely find them discussing the purpose of the Universe – or bickering about minor details.


The Angel of Light dreams about Blue Poppy meadows up in the sacred mountains of Himalaya. Life is a continuous dream for her, passing through love and enlightenment various years to come and go. Rapid Eye Movements flying around weightless space, feeling burning heart and vivid mind to seek. Being the light, being the flame, flying wings rapidly stops the motion.

Searching to share the moment of being the light. Feel the light. Be the essence of light. Sharing with the One. Sharing with the Two. Sharing with the Eighty-eight. The alchemy of light is to reveal as easy as the white dress swirling to the Eternity.


Professor Time
The Professor is a dedicated student of science and technological contraptions. He is possessed with clocks and the passing of time. Being mortal and knowing that the years are numbered, he is trying to distill the essence of time and uncover the secrets of eternity itself. He believes that everything can and must be measured, counted and put into logical systems.

Professor Time was born in the misty heart of London in the 1860’s. That he is still along, could suggest that he has already achieved some part of his ambition.

The Professor is curious towards the mysteries of the Universe but not so much towards people, considering them to be illogical and without passion for knowledge. He can seem aloof, but in reality he is just absorbed in deep thought.

The Angel Of Light and Professor Time is manifested by the artist duo Industrial Strange aka visual artist Taina Hvidlykke and sound artist John Alex Hvidlykke.