Making the Invisible Visible

About our artistic research

Making the invisible visible
Sounds, smells, pictures, textures and tastes are connected to memories, to specific occasions and places. Our senses are keys to a hidden story of diversity.
We want to explore these keys to the hidden.
Our memories makes us into human beings. Without memories we are a shapeless mass.
The city contains and hide a myriad of untold stories and memories. Invisible stories that are hidden by city planning and architecture. By sharing memories we might be able to reshape and make the invisible visible and thus reshape the map. An act of reclaiming the story of ones own neighbourhood.
Even a very simple memory but nevertheless a very personal memory is a small unique treasure.

About us
Annikki Wahlöö and Anna Mannerheim are both actors and have worked within theatre for the last 20 years. We are interested in a sensuous and immersive theatre and are both involved in artistic research in this field.