Creating entYmology /Visiting Artist ICM

The mix up of entomology and etymology has followed me.
It all started with a member of the Cantharidae family gazing through the camera lens, followed up by a dried out cicada falling down from a tree as I cried. I felt I needed to realize something: For a long time I had thought that the humanistic science fields were the only true ones, as they derive from human experiences, thoughts, wonders and relations. Nature sciense was, to me, merely cynics and sceptics trying to kill all that’s immortal. Now I see how that was a misconception.

The dividings between sciences are too strict, making us think they are truly separated from each other. We live in fractals. We live in categorization. And to understand them we need to re-organize, re-search and re-build our history – connect the entomology  with etymology.