Author: Visiting Artist/Researcher/Teacher

An epilogue or beginning

The visiting experience at Sisters Academy was intense and unclear regarding whether it was the beginning of something new, starting on the outside after leaving, or rather a closure of something begun before entering. Either way, it’s clear that something within and without had its closure. Just like metamorphoses always has. /The Magpie

11/9 Going

Train ride in bright sunshine Stations wizzing by, then a bridge. Under September clouds a single bird turns and completes a new spiral.   The sunlight blinds me I close my eyes, let the frail warmth sink in and fill my features.   Time for waiting

After my first stay

I go through the exit rituals of preparing the bed for the next visitor, leaving the notebook in the archive with the charming Mode, waiting on the staircase with other students who are terminating their stay. The process is long and demanding on my patience, but I talk with some of the people I have met at this school. We smile, we hug, we do not want it to end,…

The Wheel of Time

The Light is eternal energy.   The Sound is Love.   Being in Time is difficult. Being in Time is beautiful.   Love & Sound Blue Poppy – The Angel of Light and Professor Time / Industrial Strange

Her porcelain Spirit

She looking for a clean meeting with the soul. Her space is universe and time diden´t exist.. she belive it´s possibel to heal and clean sisters and brothers energi so they can meet a place where nothingelse matters than sens of the others clean energy. Do porcelain have a heling effect on others or just on her? she like to figer it out during her time at sisters academy…. Solaplexus…


I am working on my research and expriments into the Practice Room… how do I begin to show processes and experiences that happen in a space that is made for one to be alone ? a room that has physical dimensions but also functions as a mental space of solitude, concentration and experimentation. Can these factors that make up a practice room, important for musicians when they use it, also…


Digging in the sand under stones. Layers of earth, layers of Words. Cascades and fire charged with rage. The unprocessed has awakened. The hidden, the past. Here is the end of discharge. The deep repository secret. Connection. Engage. Create the new. The vision of a new civilization. The sustainable. Everything that will be kept alive. Energy, synergy. Together.

The Melancholic Bon Vivant

also goes by the name Next Wave. Perhaps she will be Den Melankolske Livsnyder. After her stay at the Academy she still has an eternal attraction to the maritime. She enjoyed the dissolving of time and passed on the intriguing objects-in-space game, – hoping that it will stay on the curriculum of the Academy (Air and The Untamed knows it). If a blindfolded guided tour of the Academy should be…

Writing (g)Host

Dear sisters, As I start typing I also start counting and as I already pause my writing in order to count there are twenty-seven words and I think of what to make of this number and if these twenty-seven, now forty-four, words could have been used in a better way and now I have already used sixty words and thereby reduced the amount of words before reaching the given limit…

The Melancholic Bon Vivant

– with an eternal attraction to the maritime. Her hands in the lukewarm water, caress the scalp and the wet hair of the person whose hair she is cleansing. Gazing out over the sea, – conchs and pirates, by-gone monsoons fill her soul with sweet sadness.