diaries of the w(Hole): Portable Door

-I am looking for something.

-What is it?

-I don’t know – I admitted – I imagine it’s like a door.* A portable door – I added

-Let’s search for it together. How does the door look?

-It doesn’t. It just takes you in sometimes. When it’s time.




101 forms:

a memory that connects times and spaces

an Eureka! moment

a tempo

a buzzing pulse of two energies with so much polarity that it only allows melting together

a feeling of somebody that reminds of somebody else – that connects people in archetypes


Vicky Bennett said that things are so interconnected that they almost depend on each other to show each individuality.


My favourite method of learning is through paradoxes. If only we dared to risk and catch a wave of time to be present. And from there invite different doors.

A certain movement can also open one.





*by Haruki Murakami