Excerpts from a diary

Excerpts from my Sisters Academy book which will be donated to The Archive on the last day of The Takeover at Nova Academy.

”We are here at Nova Academy. The school of which we will take over the leadership. It is tursday and we just did the Poetic Self exercise. It felt good. It calmed me down. Sometimes you forget the poetry in the midle of intense production.”

”I am here to go deeper, to know more and grow wiser. I am here because The Sister needs me. I have a feeling all these struggles and all this pain will lead to something.”

”We are in a calm poetic space right now. Together. This is why it all makes sense. I can feel it. This is a very special space.”

”The Well said ‘What do you do when everything you do hurts’. It moved me. It resonated with me. I must be melancolic in my heartest of hearts. I like that. I feel very open and vulnerable right now. These spaces, when the timing is right, makes me feel so full of love.”